Selecting The Appropriate Chassis Mount Resistor

At the core of many electrical devices, chassis mount resistors serve several functions. Learn all there is to know about these elements in this post so you can decide whether your project needs them.

Describe the Chassis Mount Resistor.

In electrical equipment, a chassis mount resistor is a part that creates resistance between the power source and the ground. Currents pass through the resistor when the power source is turned on. This resistor’s job is to control the amount of circuit current flowing through it.

Characteristics of GFOOKIC Chassis Mount Resistors

  1. Wide range of uses: Chassis Mount Resistors are extensively used in high-demand electrical circuits such as power supplies, inverters, elevators, lifts, ships, servos, stage audio, and CNC equipment and can last for a long period in demanding industrial control situations;
  2. High-quality goods and lovely shapes: The metal casing of chassis mount resistors is made of high-grade aluminum alloy, and the results are high-quality; after electroplating, the anti-oxidation ability is strong and the form is lovely;
  3. Small size and high power: The aluminum casing achieves the twin effects of small size and high power, efficiently conserving installation space since it has the properties of being high-temperature resistant and having strong overload capacity;
  4. Easy installation and a range of wiring techniques, including lead type for low power and conductive row or lead type for high power;
  5. High safety: It uses an integrated package of flame-resistant inorganic material and an aluminum shell, which has superior insulation, shock resistance, and high safety;
  6. Effective heat dissipation: Chassis Mount Resistors feature surface heat dissipation grooves, which have effective heat dissipation performance and are appropriate for heat dissipation plate installations;
  7. The tolerance scale may be set between 1% and 10%, providing high accuracy and little error.


When looking for chassis mount resistors, GFOOKIC is a reliable option since it offers a wide selection of high-quality products.

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