Kucoin Guide To Find A Crypto Prices

There is a vast number of websites that provide information related to crypto prices. These online sites also provide you with a live market detail. However, I suggest one of the best crypto exchange, KuCoin, to get more accurate details. KuCoin is one of the leading crypto brokers with a million users. Every one out of four crypto lovers used KuCoin. Due to their large market share in the crypto world, they always try to provide the best experience to their consumer. We can easily find different crypto currencies’ prices, market capital, and volume on the Kucoin site. Let’s discuss all the factors we find in the KuCoin market related to digital currencies.


After opening the market site of KuCoin, we will take a look at the price section first. In this section, we can see that different cryptocurrency prices are mentioned in front of their names. If we analyze the price area, we find that in all coins, the one cryptocurrency bitcoin price is the highest. On the other hand, Ethereum and BNB price is also good. Also, we can find that MVP and CV are the lowest among all the cryptocurrencies listed on KuCoin. 

Price Change

In this area, each coin will find a price change percentage in 24 hours. After arranging it, you will find which coin is in very high profit during the last 24 hours and which one is bearish among them. Short-term traders use this information normally to make quick profits from the digital market.


The other section after price shows a volume traded in 24 hours. We can arrange it in ascending or descending orders by clicking on it. After arranging it from high to low price, we found that Bitcoin is highly traded during 24 hours. Similarly, Ethereum, BNB, and XRP volumes are also high. At the same time, some coins have a very low volume traded in 24 hours. For example, DOCK and AION are among the lowest traded coins in the last 24 hours. This information is very important for crypto investors, who will decide their next move after analyzing these stats.

Market Capital

Bitcoin holds the largest market capitalization in the crypto world. Also, Ethereum, BNB, and XRP play an important role in the growth of the crypto market. These top four coins act as a backbone and sustain this digital world by providing stability. Many other coins combinedly make a very good market capital and support this market on a large scale. In comparison, some coins are still part of cryptocurrencies with a negligible market capital. Plato and LSK are examples of such coins. Market capital also has value in the eyes of long-term traders.


Undoubtedly KuCoin is one of the largest exchanges in today’s time. Other platforms exist, but kuCoin simple and advanced features attract more people worldwide. Whether you are a new trader or an old one, it makes it easier to find any detail, including cryptocurrency prices, volume, Market capital, etc.

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