Introduction of Hengli Petrochemical

Hengli Petrochemical is the industry pioneer in China who has implemented the strategic development of the complete industrial chain of new polyester materials the earliest and fastest. With a 20 million ton annual capacity for chemical and refining production, the company primarily produces PX, ethylene glycol, and acetic acid for usage downstream. The company also manufactures high-end chemicals with a high added value, including butadiene, polypropylene, styrene, and pure benzene.

Advantages of Hengli Petrochemical

1) Hengli Petrochemical has a high degree of upstream and downstream integration, forming a whole industry chain pattern of “crude oil-aromatics, olefins-PTA, ethylene glycol-polyester new materials”, which effectively reduces the cost of raw material procurement, sales and management of intermediate products cost.

2) Hengli Petrochemical develops the field of new materials. Kanghui New Materials, a subsidiary of Hengli Petrochemical, invested in the construction of a functional polyester film and functional plastic project with an annual output of 800,000 tons, including high-end functional polyester film, special functional film, modified PBT, and modified PBAT.

  • Hengli Petrochemical is the largest PTA producer in China. The company’s PTA production capacity will reach 16.6 million tons per year. It has the advantages of integrating the upstream technology of the polyester fiber industry chain, and its scale and cost competitiveness have been further enhanced.


With a 12 million ton annual production capacity, Hengli Petrochemical’s industrial park PTA production base has become one of the PTA factories with the highest production capacity, most cutting-edge technology, and most comprehensive, all-encompassing supporting facilities. Therefore, Hengli Petrochemical can provide wireless possibilities for your business and provide you with all support.

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