Frontier AED Manufactured by Mindray

As a professional AED company, Mindray has been committed to helping the development of health with technological innovation. Mindray’s AED products have been well-received in the market. What makes their products stand out? Come and see the details.

Seeing effort in the smallest detail

Mindray focuses on the continuous improvement of the ease of use and user-friendliness of their AED products. Therefore, they have a professional R&D team that understands the market for many years and understands the product requirements and the points that need extra attention.

For instance, to further reduce the time to administer help, Mindray directly eliminated the power button in the AED models, using the flip cover design, and opening the cover to turn on the design.

Mindray’s engineers said that they found in the research that many people are in a hurry, looking for the power button for several seconds. And the use of an open cover open way, not only reduces the probability of errors in the busy but also enhances the ease of use of the product, giving their products human characteristics.


Mindray is using its corporate strength and high-quality AED products to accelerate the spread of AEDs and help the development of public emergency care. The high quality and user-friendly design of their products have left a deep impression on the public. Visit Mindray’s official website for more information about their products.

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