How The Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillows for Tub Neck and Back Support Can Elevate Your Relaxation

If you suffer from back and shoulder pain, know that you are not alone. Multiple studies show that more people are experiencing neck pain than ever before. The National Library of Medicine reported that 75% of people are currently experiencing some level of neck pain. Meanwhile, about 8% of all adults experience chronic back pain.

Most people nowadays work on computers day in and day out. Poor posture can quickly cause distress to our spine resulting in neck and back pain. Chiropractors recommend using a supportive pillow while you sleep to ensure your spine stays in a neutral position so you can relax and recover with a good night’s sleep.

Why not seek that same level of relaxation in your bath? The Everlasting Comfort bath pillows for tub neck and back support provide a similar ergonomic design to neck pillows developed to support your spine while you sleep. These bath pillows provide a barrier between the hard porcelain edge of your tub and your neck, allowing you to reap the benefits of a long soak on back pain.

Why Support Your Neck in the Bath

When looking for a supportive pillow for your bed, you’ll want to choose one which cradles your neck, allowing your spine to relax into alignment. The same is true when selecting a bath pillow. Allowing your neck to rest against the Everlasting Comfort bath pillow can help keep your body in alignment by counterbalancing pressure points in the body.

The Everlasting Comfort bath pillow for tub neck and back support is made with high-quality foam. The ergonomic design is soft enough to be comfortable while also firm enough to support your spine properly. The included headrest makes it easy to hold your head in a position to release neck strain.

After holding your head up for hours on end, your neck needs a chance to recover. By aligning a bath pillow with the edge of your tub, you can find where your neck and shoulders need the most support. This will allow you to release all that tension you’ve been holding in all day while you luxuriate in the hot water.

How This Can Relieve Back Pain

Now that your neck is supported and your spine is aligned, you can allow the warm water to do its magic in relieving aching back muscles.

When you submerge yourself in warm water, it increases circulation by oxygenating the blood. Increased blood flow to your muscles will aid recovery by reducing muscle spasms and healing muscle tissue.

The warm water is an ideal place to do some gentle stretching, as the increased blood flow will allow you to move your stiff back muscles more freely. If your bath has jets, use them to gently massage your lower back or any other areas of your body you feel tension. You could also gently roll a tennis ball along your lower bath to give yourself a deep tissue massage while submerged in the warm water.

To further elevate your bath experience add some Epsom salts to your bathwater. Epsom salts are scientifically proven to ease muscle aches and pains and promote healing. They can be immensely beneficial for soothing muscles in people experiencing back spasms. Some Epsom salts are made with essential oils to provide aromatherapy and increase relaxation. Adding Epsom salts to your bath can help create a sense of weightlessness, which, when coupled with the support provided by your bath pillow, can help bring your spine into alignment.

Elevate Your Relaxation

Adding the Everlasting Comfort bath pillow for tub neck and back support allows you to make the most of your self-care ritual. Take your spa experience a step further – try out a face mask, pour yourself a glass of wine, and pick up a good book. When you slow down and take a moment for self-care, all the tension in your body melts away. Now you can soothe sore muscles with warm water without putting further stress on your spine by leaning against the stiff surface of your tub.

Consider lighting an aromatherapy candle to ease tension in your mind as well as your body. Lavender, for example, is known to calm your nerves and improve signs of stress in the body.

Your neck and back pain could be due to a combination of stress and poor posture. Taking a moment to indulge in something for your mental health can alleviate symptoms of tension in the mind and body. Take a deep breath. Indulge in the soothing scent while your bath pillow cradles your spine. Not only will you relax the aching muscles in your back and neck, but you’ll tell your mind it’s time to slow down.

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