Everything You Should Understand About Telecentric Lenses

The main purpose of telecentric lenses is to correct the parallax of conventional industrial lenses. Telecentric lenses have long been preferred by machine vision applications that require substantial lens distortion because of their distinctive parallel light path construction.

What is a telecentric lens?

A special optical tool called a telecentric lens was developed to do away with parallax in conventional industrial lenses. Because it can only gather light ray bundles that have been collimated, perspective errors are eliminated.

Applications of telecentric lenses

Precision measuring is the major application for telecentric lenses. There are some limiting factors in the precision optical measurement system brought on by common optical lenses, such as image distortion, errors brought on by viewing angle selection, and boundary uncertainty brought on by inappropriate light source interference, which in turn affects measurement accuracy. The telecentric lens can successfully mitigate or perhaps completely solve the aforementioned issues. As a result, the Telecentric lens has evolved into a crucial part of the precision optical measurement system, and its range of applications is always expanding.

Maintenance of telecentric lenses

Most modern lenses are designed to maintain their focal points as they are used, but there are a few things you can do to help keep them in top condition. Keep the lens clean by using a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe down the surface. Avoid rubbing the lens with hard surfaces or abrasive materials. If the lens becomes dirty, remove the dirt and dust with a soft cloth moistened with mild soap and water. Do not use any type of solvent or polish. Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity, which can damage the lens coating.

If you notice that your lens is no longer focusing correctly, take it to a qualified repairman as soon as possible. Improperly aligned or damaged parts in the lens can cause blurred images or even complete loss of focus.


Telecentric lenses are essential for cameras because they allow you to capture images without distortion. If you don’t maintain telecentric lenses regularly, they can change due to wear. If you still have questions about telecentric lenses, you can contact us through SmartMoreInside‘s website, and we will answer your questions in detail.

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