A Innovation of Scanner–EROVO Wearable Scanner

Barcode scanning has become an integral part of most industries. From tracking inventory and production to satisfying customer needs, barcode scanners are a valuable tool for doing business. But compared with wearable scanner, wearable scanners are more convenient than normal scanner.


Recently, we have seen an increase in the use of barcode scanners in industries. Barcodes are now being printed on a variety of products and surfaces, enabling them to be scanned more easily. Products such as food packages and shipping containers often include a barcode that can be scanned to provide information about the product. Employees can take a picture with the scanner, which will then identify the product and send a signal for it to be checked in or shipped out. Wearable scanners can significantly increase productivity as users can scan items while continuing to move around. In contrast, with a normal barcode scanner, they would have to stop and hold the device steady to get an accurate scan.

The Pros of a Wearable Scanner

Using a wearable scanner over a traditional handheld scanner has many advantages. The most obvious advantage is keeping your hands free while scanning items. This can be extremely helpful if you need to scan large or bulky items or if you need to scan items in hard-to-reach places.

Another advantage of wearable scanners is that they can be much faster than handheld scanners. This is because you can use the set of UROVO wearable scanners, including the U2 Wearable Enterprise Computer and R7 Series Wireless Ring scanner. These two products can connect by Bluetooth. Scanned by ring scanner, the information will deliver to U2. This can save a lot of time when scanning large numbers of items.

Wearable scanners can also be more comfortable for long periods, as they distribute the weight evenly across your body. This can be a big advantage over handheld scanners, which can cause fatigue and pain if used for extended periods.

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