SUPERFIRE HL23 Headlight: One of the Best Headlamps For Road Cycling

If you’re looking for a quality headlamp to help you cycle safely on the roads, look no further than the SUPERFIRE bicycle LED headlamp. This lamp is both stylish and sturdy, perfect for keeping you safe while you ride. Now let’s have a deep understanding of SUPERFIRE and the product HL23 rechargeable headlight.

HL23 Headlamps for Road Cycling

SUPERFIRE HL23 series are high-performance USB rechargeable headlamps with a smart sensor function. The following characteristics make it stand out from many products.

  1. Environment-friendly red light: In any light mode, double-press to turn on the red light, and press again to red strobe. The penetrating power of red light is strong, which can serve as a warning.
  2. Motion sensor: Built-in motion sensor function, easy to control on/off the SUPERFIRE by waving hand, more convenient (effective distance 10CM).
  3. USB charging: Convenience is the priority, power is everywhere. Cars, power banks, bedside sockets, or computers can charge the SUPERFIRE HL23 via a tiny micro USB type-c cable.
  4. Mini and ultra-light design: More comfortable to wear, easy to be used in various outdoor activities.
  5. Long Runtime:7 hours ultra long runtime with high capacity 14500 Li-ion battery (2000mAh) built in.
  6. 45°adjustable head: The head can be adjusted to 45 degree to illuminate all dead zones, and it can be tilted smoothly with one finger. Ensures no blind spots in the outdoor environment. The maximum lighting distance is about 120M.
  7. Weather resistance: IP44 rated all weather applicable, outdoor waterproof resistant. Water resistant and shockproof, the SUPERFIRE HL23 headlamp is suitable for rain or snow, indoors or outdoors.
  8. Applicable to more scenarios: Hiking, jogging, working hands-free, or sending a distress signal in an emergency. It covers most usage scenarios.

Ordering method

  1. For bulk purchases or customized products, please contact online customer service, or leave a message.
  2. You can also send email to [email protected].

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