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Yutong U12: Elevating Urban Mobility with Intelligent Design

Yutong Bus&Coach‘s commitment to revolutionizing passenger transport solutions is exemplified by their innovative U12 model. This distinctive 12-meter battery electric bus sets new standards in urban mobility, combining advanced technologies with intelligent design features. In this article, we delve into the unique attributes of the Yutong U12, showcasing its exceptional capabilities and the enhanced travel experience it offers.

Unmatched Driving Range and Capacity

The Yutong U12 boasts an impressive driving range of over 432km under SORT2 conditions, ensuring reliable and efficient operation on urban main roads. This battery electric bus accommodates a larger number of passengers, with seating capacity of up to 40 individuals, complemented by 2 folding seats. The U12’s spacious interior caters to the needs of commuters, prioritizing comfort and convenience.

Uncompromising Safety Standards

Yutong’s U12 upholds the brand’s commitment to safety with its leading YESS (Yutong Electronic Stability System) safety standards. The integrated design of the vehicle ensures a level floor and seamless splicing of the wide floor leather and large roof panel, enhancing passenger safety and comfort. The full LED track-shaped headlight cluster not only offers durability but also provides functional aesthetics and practicality, promoting safer journeys.

Intelligent Design for Enhanced Experience

The U12 showcases intelligent design features that prioritize the interaction between drivers and passengers. The adjustable instrument panel allows the driver to customize the steering wheel height and front-rear space, ensuring optimal comfort and control. The full air suspension driver seat incorporates ventilation, massage, and swivel functions, minimizing sedentary fatigue for the driver. Moreover, the barrier-free passage, with its wider width and humanized low-floor structure, creates a more spacious and inclusive environment for all passengers.

Efficient and Integrated Electric System

Yutong’s U12 incorporates a high-efficiency motor, utilizing cost-effective silicon steel materials and modulation control technology. Optimizing energy usage and reducing environmental impact. The highly integrated controller manages HV power distribution for electric defrosters, electric heating, and electric air conditioning, enhancing system efficiency while reducing overall weight.


Yutong Bus&Coach’s U12 model represents a leap forward in urban mobility solutions. With its extensive driving range, increased passenger capacity, and adherence to stringent safety standards, the U12 sets a new benchmark for battery electric buses. The intelligent design features, including adjustable instrument panels, comfortable driver seats, and barrier-free passages, prioritize passenger comfort and accessibility.

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