Why Should You Buy HONOR 70?

Are you looking to buy HONOR 70? Here we will guide you about all the features of this. The HONOR 70 5G is a smartphone that comes with premium features. It is an amazing device with some of the best features and specifications. The phone has a beautiful design and an elegant body, making it look very attractive. It is available in three colors Crystal Silver, Emerald Green, and Midnight Black.

Ultra-high resolution

The HONOR 70 5G has a high resolution, giving you a better viewing experience. A high pixel density makes everything look sharper and more vivid. You can adjust the screen resolution to 2K or 3K for an even clearer picture.

Ram and Rom

The phone is fast because it has 8Gb ram. It means that you can play games smoothly. And the storage is 256 Gb which lets you store everything on your phone.

IMX800 Super Sensing Vlog Camera

The Honor 70 5G is equipped with a high-resolution IMX800 Super Sensing Vlog Camera. This camera is composed of a 54MP IMX800 Super Sensing Main Camera and 32MP AI High-res Camera, which can capture the details of the elements of your shot.

The rear camera also has Wide Aperture Mode, allowing you to take photos with blurred backgrounds for a more professional appearance. It provides HD video recording and super slow-motion movie recording.

The HONOR 70 5G comes with a 50MP Ultra Wide & Macro Main Camera and 2MP Depth Camera. The camera has AI-powered scene recognition, allowing you to capture the best shot in any situation.

Long lasting battery life

Regarding battery life, HONOR 70 5G has a massive 4800mAh battery. The device also supports fast charging technology; you can get 66W charging speeds from your charger if it supports fast charging. So if you are planning on buying this device, it will be worth the money because of its amazing battery life, which most other smartphones don’t provide in this range.

1920Hz PWM Dimming 1.07 Billion Colours

The HONOR 70 5G comes with 1920Hz PWM Dimming technology, which is basically a new way to control the brightness of your device’s screen. In this system, each pixel on the screen has its frequency and intensity. This enables continuous changing of brightness by switching off or dimming some pixels while some are lit up at any given time. Thus, you get 1 billion colors on one screen, which is pretty impressive.

Where can you buy the Honor 70?

You can buy it from the official honor site. When you purchase the HONOR 70 5G from the official honor site, you will get a gift: an HONOR 70 5G phone case in Green color. With this phone case, your phone will be well protected. You will also receive 12 Months Extended Warranty and two years of free access to HONOR Club. It means you can get 24 month warranty. Moreover, there is no need for any worry because all purchases come with free shipping and a free screen protector.

Final Words

The HONOR 70 5G is a very powerful phone. It has a long battery life, a good camera, and some nice features. If you are looking for a good smartphone that will not break your bank account, this is the one for you.

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