What is a Penalty Card Bet? Easy-to-understand Betting Instructions for Beginners

Bookmaker Nhacaiuytin is one of the reputable playgrounds with many sports bets to meet all players’ requirements. Among them, the form of betting must definitely be mentioned Penalty card betting super attractive. For experienced sports bettors, this is no longer a strange concept. However, for new players entering this betting field, they will feel confused and confused. Let’s learn about this type of bet and the easiest way to play it.

Information about  Penalty card betting in sports

Penalty card bets are commonly known by the English name Total Bookings. This is a type of bet based on the number of penalty cards in the match including yellow cards and red cards. Unlike other types of bets, when playing this bet people will only care about the player’s penalty card. People don’t need the results or goals of the match.

This is a quite interesting and new bet that has been introduced into soccer betting to increase the attractiveness of each bet. Now it’s not just about betting on the number of goals and winning team, but also on the number of cards.

However, the penalty card bet is considered difficult to play and is highly risky. Therefore, for beginners, you should not participate in this type of bet because you need to know how to observe and have a lot of experience to be sure of winning.

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Summary of popular penalty card bets

This type of bet is organized with many different betting forms, players can freely choose. The following is a summary of some penalty card odds with each classification.

Asian Handicap betting with  Penalty card betting

The penalty card handicap has many similar characteristics to the Asian Handicap, with the appearance of the upper and lower teams. Results are calculated based on the final time of the match.

Currently, this bet can be divided into two types, which are the whole match penalty card bet and the first half penalty card bet. The yellow or red card handicap will be given by the bookmaker and can change throughout the match. . Yellow and red cards are only counted within the field and are converted into 1 or 2 points respectively.

For example: In case player A receives 1 red card and 1 yellow card, this player’s total score will be 3. Similarly, if player B is shown a red card, his total score will be 2 However, the odds will vary depending on the bookmaker. Therefore, the rewards will also be diverse for the winners.

Bet on over/under with counting the number of cardings

Over/Under bets, also known as Over/Under or O/U, are one of the popular bets in soccer betting. The bookmaker will make some predictions about the total number of penalty cards drawn during the whole match.

Players can bet on Over, meaning the total number of penalty cards will be higher than the predicted number. Or Under, which means the total number of penalty cards will be lower than the number predicted by the house.

Some other classifications of penalty cards for players

Besides the two popular types of bets above, you can participate in other attractive types of bets as follows:

  • Predict which team will receive a booking first or last.
  • Predict the color of the first penalty card.
  • Predict the color of the final penalty card.
  • Predict whether the total number of cards each team will receive is even or odd.
  • Predict the minute the first penalty card will appear in the match.
  • Predict which player will be given a penalty card.

How to calculate football penalty card odds

Soccer penalty card odds have the following calculation formula: interest = capital x penalty card odds. Just look at the odds in the betting box, then multiply your capital by it to get the amount you win. The more difficult the bet, the higher the reward rate. Calculating the penalty card bet is not difficult, but you mainly need to rely on the odds to be able to calculate it most accurately.

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Instructions for betting on penalty cards to always win

How to play penalty card odds to have a high winning rate is always an issue that many players are interested in. Below are some tips for playing  Penalty card betting shared by experts for your reference.

Understand match information clearly

Be proactive in finding out information related to that match, such as: starting lineup, match strategy, players on the field, etc. These are important factors to help you bet as you expected. .

Consider carefully whether the team you bet on to play defense or attack has a decisive kicking style or not. Check the match history of these two teams before seeing if there are many cards when they encounter each other. With this information alone, you can accurately predict the number of penalty cards.

Follow the match live

Watching the match live also helps you judge more accurately the number of penalty cards. If a strong team is ahead, they will push higher and attack more regardless of the penalty card to find a goal.

This happens even more at the end of the match and the number of penalty cards also increases. For teams that are not afraid of collisions, the number of cards issued is a lot, so follow each match to clearly understand the situation and best judge the number of penalty cards.

Understand how each team plays

Making fouls and being carded on the field is a common occurrence. However, not every team has to receive many cards at the same time because there are teams that deploy safe gameplay, and there are teams that play very violently and aggressively. Typically, when the Malaysian team played against Vietnam, they turned the whole match into a martial arts conference with 7 yellow cards being issued.

In addition, in the lineup there are many players with fiery playing styles like Ibrahimovic, Sergio Ramos,… so receiving cards is common. In many matches, the team also plays the strategy of receiving cards to soften the opponent. So let’s learn carefully about each team’s playing style.

Overview study of the starting lineups of the two teams

The starting lineup is also very important and directly related to receiving more or less cards. For formations that favor the majority in midfield, they will control from the midfield area, so the possibility of fierce fighting in the middle of the field is very high.

As for the squad with defenders, they often receive cards because they have to block the opponent’s attack. So be careful with formations that have aggressive central defenders because they will receive a lot of cards.

Thus, we can see the importance of monitoring and learning carefully about the matches to win the penalty card bet.

Understand the nature of the match taking place

Decisive and particularly exciting matches often lead to players being more likely to violate the rules. On the contrary, in “friendly” matches, the referee usually does not apply the rules too strictly. Thereby, players often do not focus on competing too much. Therefore, to be able to make accurate predictions, it is necessary to clearly understand information about the nature of the match.

So Nhacaiuytin has brought you the most general information about Penalty card betting. Hopefully through this article you have gained valuable experience in winning with this bet. Visit csi house now to freely bet with many attractive odds today.

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