What exactly is an oxygen sensor, and how does it function?

The purpose of this blog article is to explain what an oxygen sensor is and how it works. The advantages of using such sensors in various medical devices will also be publicized.

What is the definition of an oxygen sensor?

The quantity of oxygen in the air is measured using a tiny electrical device known as an oxygen sensor.

The Way Oxygen Sensors Work

An oxygen sensor is a device used to measure the oxygen content of the air. The sensor uses an electrochemical method to gauge the air’s oxygen content. When it detects low oxygen levels, the sensor sends a signal to alert of the amount of oxygen that is running low.

Describe the characteristics and advantages of the Saftty oxygen sensor using the AO-07 as an example.

The AO-07 Saftty medical oxygen sensor has such a name. The molded body of this oxygen sensor is designed for use in both industrial and medical equipment. The AO-07 medical oxygen sensor is an oxygen sensor component specially made for oxygen analyzers. It may be used in oxygen generator control systems, medical ventilators, anesthetic equipment, and other equipment to detect the oxygen content in a breathing gas mixture.

Product advantages:

  1. Comply with accurate and reliable medical equipment usage instructions.
  2. The sensor has a full-scale linear output and runs without additional power.
  3. Reliable signal generation and speedy responses.

Strong interference-resistance 4.

  1. Longer life expectancy

Why Choose Saftty

Saftty maintains strict quality control and provides customers with reliable, secure sensor devices. All electrical raw materials are imported from three nations: the US, Germany, and Japan. The requirements for obtaining ISO 9001 quality system accreditation for quality management are rigorously adhered to. These certifications include CQC, UL, TUV, and VDE.


Since oxygen sensors are very useful in businesses like the medical industry, using ones made by reliable suppliers is crucial. Users may have a lot of faith in Saftty as a trustworthy sensor supplier.

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