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Unlocking Efficient Nucleic Acid Extraction with Triton X 100 Solution by Magen Biotech

Magen Biotech presents Triton X 100 Solution, a core raw material for nucleic acid extraction that undergoes stringent screening and quality control. Triton X 100, a non-ionic surfactant possessing hydrophilic and hydrophobic ends, plays a pivotal role in unlocking the potential of efficient nucleic acid extraction. This exceptional product demonstrates high stability in solution and remains unaffected by strong electrolyte inorganic salts. By forming soluble complexes with lipids such as phospholipids found in biofilms, Triton X 100 contributes to enhanced membrane permeability, efficient cell lysis, and optimal nucleic acid release. Additionally, Triton X 100 synergizes with SDS to further boost the lysis ability of cells and envelope virus surface membrane structure while counteracting the effects of residual SDS.

Leveraging the Unique Properties of Triton X 100 in Nucleic Acid Extraction

Triton X 100 Solution offered by Magen Biotech leverages its unique properties to optimize nucleic acid extraction processes:

  1. Enhanced Membrane Permeability: The hydrophilic and hydrophobic nature of Triton X 100 allows it to dissolve lipids and increase the permeability of cell membranes. This property facilitates the efficient release of nucleic acids, ensuring high yields in downstream applications.
  2. Efficient Cell Lysis: By combining with the hydrophobic region of membrane proteins, Triton X 100 forms complexes that readily dissolve in solution. This interaction enhances the lysis ability of cells, leading to effective nucleic acid extraction and subsequent analysis.
  3. Synergistic Action with SDS: Triton X 100 synergizes with SDS to augment cell lysis and envelope virus surface membrane structure. This combination significantly promotes the release of nucleic acids, enabling researchers to achieve excellent yields.

Advantages of Triton X 100 Solution in Enhancing Efficiency and Yield

Magen Biotech’s Triton X 100 Solution stands out with several crucial advantages that enhance efficiency and yield:

  1. Optimal Stability: Triton X 100 Solution maintains remarkable stability in solution, even in the presence of strong electrolyte inorganic salts. This stability ensures consistent and reliable performance throughout the nucleic acid extraction process.
  2. Improved Sample Preparation: With the ability to dissolve lipids and increase membrane permeability, Triton X 100 simplifies sample preparation and facilitates efficient nucleic acid release. Researchers can achieve consistent and reproducible results, crucial for successful downstream applications.
  3. Versatility: Triton X 100 Solution is compatible with a wide range of nucleic acid extraction techniques and downstream applications. Its versatility enables researchers to utilize the same product for various extraction protocols, streamlining laboratory workflows and optimizing resources.


Magen Biotech’s Triton X 100 Solution is a highly efficient and versatile product that unlocks the potential of nucleic acid extraction. Leveraging its unique properties, including enhanced membrane permeability, efficient cell lysis, and synergistic action with SDS, Triton X 100 Solution enables researchers to achieve excellent yields and reliable results. With its optimal stability and compatibility across different extraction techniques, Triton X 100 Solution proves to be an indispensable tool in various fields of research, including genomics, molecular biology, and diagnostics. By choosing Triton X 100 Solution, scientists can elevate their nucleic acid extraction processes, ultimately driving groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the biotechnology field.

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