Top Islamic banks in UAE 

Dubai has developed as a center of Islamic banking in the United Arab Emirates. Islamic banking and other financial activities have witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. The robust economy and vibrant financial activities have placed Dubai among the top financial capitals of the world. Let us explore top Islamic banks and how Dubai is promoting Islamic banking in the UAE.

Islamic banking in UAE 

Islamic banking is an organized system of financial institutions that functions as per the Islamic law or Sharia principle.

It focuses on ethically or socially responsible banking practices where interest is neither charged nor paid on loans and deposits. It follows Islamic principles of just and fair transactions upholding Islamic ethics. They function on profit-sharing arrangements and asset-backed financing.

Islamic banks in UAE

A lot of Islamic banks function in the UAE and offer services such as lending, borrowing, online payment solutions, investment services, etc.

  1. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

One of the leaders in the Islamic banking of the UAE is ADCB. It offers a wide range of services which is aligned with Islamic law. ADCB emphasizes a lot on adopting ethical practices and transparent banking practices. With its dedicated customer-centric approach and trustworthy network, ADCB stands at the top of Islamic banking in the UAE.

  1. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Another key player in the banking sector of the UAE is the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank which also follows Sharia-compliant banking practices. It has earned a name in the banking sector with its innovative approach and customized financial services.

  1. Emirates Islamic Bank

One of the best examples of Islamic banking in Dubai is the Emirate Islamic Bank. It is situated at the heart of the UAE in Dubai, the global hub of financial activities and the Islamic banking sector.

It offers many elite banking services to its high-end customers such as wealth management, lifestyle banking and estate management.

The rise of Islamic banking in the UAE has not only improved the financial landscape of the UAE but has also attracted individuals and businesses looking to align their banking practices with ethical beliefs. Find all banking solutions in the UAE and follow your faith and ethical practices with Islamic banks.

Experience excellence in Islamic banking with your trusted financial partner ADCB.

ADCB is a reliable Islamic bank with renowned services and a loyal customer base that offers services in Islamic banking and other innovative financial products and services.

  • Islamic personal banking services such as Savings and Current Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Personal Finance, etc
  • Islamic business banking services like trade finance and treasury solutions
  • Islamic wealth management services
  • Digital banking services such as online banking, mobile banking and SMS alerts
  • Sharia-compliant financial solutions
  • Customized ADCB investment options
  • Sharia-compliant banking cards
  • Fulfill Charitable contributions of Zakat and Sadaqah

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Align your banking practices with Sharia principles and make ADCB your reliable partner in this journey of financial empowerment. ADCB Islamic Bank offers a comprehensive set of products and services as per the specific needs of individuals and businesses. Discover the convenience and ease of Islamic banking facilities with ADCB.

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