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SUNUA: A Leading Innovator in Cable Compounds for Diverse Industries

SUNUA, an established cable compound manufacturer, has built a strong reputation for providing its customers with reliable and top-quality cable materials. With a focus on meeting industry standards and employing advanced manufacturing processes, SUNUA offers an extensive range of cable compounds designed to excel in various applications.

Commitment to Standards and Quality Control

At SUNUA, a commitment to adhering to industry standards is of utmost importance. The company maintains stringent quality control measures, ensuring that its cable compounds meet the highest standards throughout the production process. SUNUA proudly holds certifications for the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, GB/T 28001 occupational health and safety management system, and GB/T 29490 intellectual property management system. These certifications reflect SUNUA’s dedication to delivering consistent quality and reliable cable materials to its customers.

Professional Laboratory and Testing Capabilities

SUNUA boasts a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with cutting-edge inspection and experimental instruments, enabling comprehensive testing of its cable compounds. The company’s commitment to quality is further demonstrated by its compliance with EU RoHS directives and REACH regulations, ensuring its products’ safety and environmental friendliness. The national inspection center’s rigorous batch testing and inspections guarantee that SUNUA’s cable compounds meet or exceed industry standards.

Innovation and Research & Development

SUNUA strongly emphasizes innovation and continuously invests in research and development. The company’s dedicated team of experts has successfully obtained 19 new invention patents, solidifying SUNUA’s position as a frontrunner in cable compound technology. SUNUA actively participates in national and provincial science and technology projects, consistently pushing the boundaries of chemically modified flame-retardant polyethylene materials.


SUNUA’s commitment to delivering high-quality cable materials and compounds is evident in its adherence to industry standards, rigorous quality control measures, and innovative research and development efforts. As a trusted partner in the cable manufacturing industry, SUNUA continues to provide reliable solutions that meet diverse industry needs. With a focus on innovation and a dedication to excellence, SUNUA is shaping the future of cable compounds and driving progress across multiple sectors.

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