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Providing High-Quality Mini AC Fans for Efficient Cooling

Mini AC fans designed for efficient cooling. With their focus on quality and customer satisfaction, YCCFAN has become a preferred brand for those seeking reliable cooling solutions. The mini AC fans from YCCFAN are designed with precision and manufactured to deliver exceptional performance.

Compact and Powerful Cooling Solutions

YCCFAN’s mini AC fans are compact in size, measuring 120x120x38mm, making them suitable for applications where space is limited. Despite their small size, these fans offer powerful cooling capabilities, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and optimal performance. YCCFAN’s mini AC fans are designed to meet the cooling needs of various industries and applications.

Sturdy Construction and Safety Features

YCCFAN’s mini AC fans feature a sturdy construction that includes a die-cast aluminum housing and a glass fiber-reinforced plastic impeller with a UL 94V-0 rating. This construction ensures durability and reliable operation even in demanding environments. Additionally, YCCFAN’s mini AC fans are equipped with safety features to provide protection during operation, ensuring a safe cooling experience.


YCCFAN is the go-to brand for high-quality mini AC fans that deliver efficient cooling. With their compact size and powerful performance, YCCFAN’s mini AC fans are perfect for applications where space is limited. The sturdy construction and safety features of YCCFAN’s mini AC fans ensure reliable operation and peace of mind.

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