Learn About Double Lots and How to Raise Frame Lots for 2 or 3 Days

Double lotteries is too familiar to those in the lottery world. However, for players new to the betting world, this concept is still somewhat unfamiliar. Let’s go with the dealer Daga88 Learn about lotus lotus in general, get free lotteries, how to raise lotteries with 2 and 3 day frames.
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Overview of double lotteries

Two-way lottery or two-way lottery means that in one day, the player plays two numbers with the highest probability of winning. At that time, if one of the two numbers is the result of that day’s drawing, the profit will be earned. 

This concept is often confused with double parlay. The difference is that the 2-way bet must hit both numbers, while the double-digit number must hit only 1 number to be a success.

It applies in cases where the bettor has found a white number today but is not sure, then he can cover an additional ball number, a mixed number or 1 more number to increase the possibility of winning money. There are many ironic cases when today’s XS results come back the opposite of the bet number, it’s really a pity for that case of being able to win ten.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of double-digit lotteries

Easier to play than skewer 2 is an obvious highlight, but we will more fully evaluate the pros and cons of this form of play. Lottery this below:


  • Safety: Of course! Two players win much more safely than two players. Once you have found a number, there are many different methods to find another prediction, but most people will use mixed lottery numbers as the easiest and fastest. It blocks both outcomes so it limits risk, unlike the white card.
  • Efficiency: If a number is “lost”, you still have one more result to hope for so you can find profit today. Bettors accept to bet x2 capital to add quite a bit of effective rate, there is no reason not to try.
  • Low capital: Playing one more number does not make you have more financial difficulties, in addition, it is significantly safer and more effective than playing card games.


You have to bet twice as much money as the white player because you have to bet on 2 numbers. In addition, your money must be divided into smaller parts, so if you win, your interest will also be reduced.

However, the number of players is raised for 2 days

The two-day frame farming method is refined from experience with strict choices from experts. Good techniques are revealed:

Cultivate the mulberry frame for 2 days with the 1:2 folding method

Raising in a 1:2 ratio is highly effective if the two-day frame is used using the sequential or total number method. Although the profit rate is not high, this form helps players save playing capital. An example to make it easier for us to understand:

  • You keep the pair 23 – 32 at a ratio of 1:2, meaning on the first day you bet 10 points for each. If you win, you will win 360k. If you fail, then on the second day, play 20 points for each fish to reach the ratio of 1:2. If the lottery comes to 23, the profit is 280k.
  • In the unlucky case of not winning, we will lose 60 points and we will find another lottery number to raise.

The two players are raised in a 2-day frame at a ratio of 1:3

This method of playing 2-day lottery numbers is applied when we see extremely high-quality lottery pairs, the probability of explosion must reach more than 50%. Only then will we apply it at a ratio of 1:3. For example:
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  • You keep the pair 34 – 43 at a ratio of 1:3 for 2 days. On the first day, bet 10 points for each fish, if it explodes, the profit will be 360k. If you don’t win, on the second day you triple the amount, which means you bet 30 points for each number. If you win, the profit will be 640k. 
  • If you’re unlucky, you lose 80 points and find another number to raise.

Raise the 2-day frame based on the total special prize

With this form of 2-day lottery betting, lottery players rely on today’s lottery results to find the total numbers in the lottery. From there, we have the best prediction for both numbers

  • If the total lottery number in the special prize is 4, there is a high chance that tomorrow the lottery number will be 64.
  • If the total of the special prize is 6, there is a possibility that the next day the total will be 8.
  • The total number for the day is 8, tomorrow the high probability is the total 10.
  • If the numbers in the special prize have a total of 9, today the total can be 5.
  • The special prize has a total of 10, the next day the total number in the special prize will be 1 and 7.

Raise the bamboo lotus for 3 days

Currently, there are many methods for cultivating mulberry in a 3-day frame. We need to choose good strategies to increase our chances of making profits.

How to raise a lotus lotus for 3 days according to GĐB’s general topic

You can choose a good pair based on the total number of prizes from the previous day. The next job is to farm continuously for 3 days to maximize profit potential. For example:

Lottery results on March 11, the special prize is 51348, we add up the above numbers to get 21. At that time, you have a pair of players 21 – 12 raised in a 3-day frame. During that time, the pear card number can be combined with the total number set of March 12 to help reveal new pairs of cards to gradually raise.

Beating two-player lotteries for 3 days based on dumb head and ass

In the lottery results table in the most recent draws, do you analyze whether there is a mute head or ass present? If so, choose 2 beautiful pairs of twins and raise them over a 3-day period. For example: If we have mute head

Raising the frame lotus for 3 days with the method of grafting results in GĐB

This method of cultivating 3-day frame lotus is quite easy to understand. When you observe a double lot number appearing in the jackpot (****XX, **YY**, ZZ****,…), immediately close that double pair to keep for 3 consecutive prize draws. For example:

The lottery result on March 11 was 243359, you guys immediately locked pair 33 to keep hope alive for 3 consecutive days. If the prize doesn’t appear 3 times, consider whether to keep raising it or not. Experts advise that we should find another pair of players.

The superiority of the double lotteries is obvious, but we cannot apply them without understanding. First, you need to use quality prediction to find highly effective numbers. Only then will we work on the content of the two-hand lottery section. Continue to follow the entertainment page Daga88 lottery to read more good information.

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