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Intelligent Constant Pressure Pump Controller by Bedford Electric: Revolutionizing Water Supply Systems

As a leading manufacturer in the field, Bedford Electric proudly presents the B603PRO Series, an intelligent constant pressure pump controller designed to revolutionize water supply systems. This cutting-edge product combines the functionality of a special inverter and an intelligent controller, providing unparalleled control and efficiency for the central air conditioning water circulation system.

Unleashing the Potential of Constant Pressure

The Intelligent Constant Pressure Pump Controller offers multiple functional modes to cater to diverse needs. Whether it’s constant voltage control or water supply by time period, this controller delivers flexibility and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance. With control modes such as constant voltage and constant voltage difference and linkage methods, including synchronization, master-slave, and large and small pumps, you can customize the system according to your specific requirements.

Perfect Operation and Enhanced Protection

Equipped with comprehensive terminal control functions, this pump controller offers multifunctional manual and automatic control, a standard communication protocol interface, and multiple outputs. The system supports up to six pumps for efficient and synchronized water supply. In case of power failures, the controller automatically restarts operations, ensuring constant water supply. Additionally, the built-in DC reactor and multiple protection functions guarantee safe usage, preventing clogging, freezing, and various water supply faults.

Smart Features Enhance Efficiency

The Intelligent Constant Pressure Pump Controller boasts an array of smart features. Its sleep function reduces energy consumption by automatically entering sleep mode when water is not being used. Time-based water supply planning optimizes energy efficiency by setting different time periods for water pump operation. With online operation functionality, the controller ensures a balanced service life by automatically rotating the water supply among multiple pumps.

Unparalleled Performance and Wide Applications

Renowned for its reliability and versatility, the Intelligent Constant Pressure Pump Controller finds applications in various industries and equipment, making it suitable for business, public places, agriculture, manufacturing, and residential water supply systems. Its advanced technology and efficient operation make it an ideal choice for achieving constant pressure and enhancing water supply management.


Bedford Electric’s Intelligent Constant Pressure Pump Controller represents a breakthrough in water supply systems. With its innovative features, superior performance, and wide range of applications, this intelligent controller sets new standards for efficiency, convenience, and energy conservation. Embrace the future of water supply management with Bedford Electric.

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