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Improve the Conversion Rate of an E-Commerce | 3 steps

You have embarked on the adventure of e-commerce confident and motivated. But now, the results are not there. You have followed, perhaps successfully, advice to be visible naturally on Google. Increasing traffic is not enough to boost sales. What you need to have in your sights is improving your conversion rate, (i.e. the percentage of your visitors who buy). To succeed on the internet, it is not necessary to have the skills of a superhero or a salesman from a high school. You, your identity, and your product are already worth gold. By applying targeted and proven strategies you can turn your e-commerce into a thriving business and become a successful entrepreneur. In this article, I don’t give you tips for improving the ergonomics, customer reassurance, or design of your website. These are essential prerequisites and your webmaster will be able to give you the best advice. As a web editorI offer you a 3-step strategy to improve the conversion rate of e-commerce with content marketing.  You will see that developing an editorial strategy, with or without the help of an SEO professional, can increase your sales volume.

1st step: improve targeted SEO

You may have read Marie’s article and applied her expert advice on SEO and customer experience to improve your e-commerce site. The traffic may even be satisfactory. But what about your conversion rate? If you find that this is insufficient, you will see that you can work (or rework) the SEO to increase your relevant visits.

Profile your best customer

Have you ever wondered who your perfect customer is? It is the one who buys your products or your services without asking questions and who has a higher average basket than the others. What are their motivations and how are you the right person to meet their needs? This work is essential when you want to improve the conversion rate of e-commerce. If you sell Montessori teaching materials to individuals, for example, you can portray your best customer. Here is a small persona test which of course deserves to be refined, according to the data collected on your site and those of your competitors:

  • Who is your client: a mother between 25 and 40 years old belonging to the middle class or upper CSP? Rather live in the city or in the countryside?
  • What are his motivations, fears, and fears: this client is looking for educational tools/materials to improve his children’s learning. He is afraid that his children will not succeed in a very competitive world, and that they will fail in school and therefore socially and professionally. He has the will to go beyond the rigid framework of the education he himself received;
  • what can you bring her: tests on the articles, relevant educational information, opinions from other mothers, eco-friendly products, etc. ;
  • How can it arrive on your site: search for a specific product, search for educational techniques or activities, search for a Montessori product, or questions about child development.

Choose keywords and queries to bring them to your site

You certainly know that the choice of keywords is a job in its own right to allow visitors to arrive on your site. There are several types of requests and the whole problem is to find the ones that will bring you the most potential customers. Some requests are unambiguous, for example, “buy Montessori rough letters”. The Internet user is already in a purchasing process, but unfortunately for you, this request is very competitive. If, however, you manage to appear in the first results of Google (congratulations!), the relevance of your product sheet, your price, and the choice of words will be essential to selling. Then there are the hijacked or long tail keywords. The customer may wonder “how to assistance my child to read” or “learn the letters”, or even “problem learning to read”. Succeeding in ranking on this type of request and offering quality content that encourages purchase is a good way to improve the conversion rate of e-commerce. If, on the other hand, you choose your keywords poorly (or you don’t know how to highlight them so that Google sees them), you may receive irrelevant visits.

Always bet on the right visitors to improve your relevance

The Google robots that process the indexing of your website analyze a great deal of data, including the bounce rate (percentage of Internet users who visit only one page). If this is very high, the search engine will interpret this as a lack of relevance. So, by not attracting the right people to your site, you are increasing your bounce rate. In addition, you reduce your chances of improving the conversion rate of your e-commerce and you also risk losing places in the SERP (the search engine results page). To learn more about the bounce rate, its consequences, and how to optimize it, I invite you to watch Lucie Ronde let’s video.

Step 2: Bring visitors back to your e-commerce site

Have you defined who your target is, and chosen and inserted keywords in the right places? It is therefore the “good” Internet user who arrives on your pages. However, your content is drowned in the mass and it is not easy to capture the attention of a visitor for more than 2 minutes 30 minutes. Even if you offer interesting products or services to a potentially qualified prospect, it is possible never come back to your site. Here are some tips for converting good visitors into leads by getting their email contacts. You will see that a specialized web editor can write content to bring back potential customers and improve the conversion rate of an e-commerce site. Wordpress Hosting

Analyze your results

What is the journey of visitors who buy? Which page attracts the most traffic? What is his bounce rate? Have you given enough care to the internal mesh of your site to allow visitors to make a purchase in 2 or 3 clicks? You can analyze all of this using the Google Analytics tool and set up monitoring of your objectives. Traffic data allows you to deduce the needs of your customers and gives you ways to improve your content.

Improve your website based on this data

You have every interest in trying to focus on the most visited pages to optimize them as much as possible. Working on these is essential to improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce. Let’s take the example seen above on an e-shop of Montessori teaching materials. You are the owner of the site and you analyze that the main “gateway” to the site is an article entitled “helping learning to read”. You will be able to analyze the bounce rate of this one and know important data on the purchase decision or not of Internet users who read this page. Have you promoted enough rough letters or learning books that you offer? Does the reader understand the interest in these products for his child and why he should buy them from you? In short, try to bet everything on the user, meet their needs, and develop a sales strategy so that they don’t dissipate and go to your competitor. Then try to recover his contact to encourage him to come back.

Offer interesting free content to keep in touch

The Internet user is delighted: you have answered his question. But once his curiosity has been satisfied, he leaves for other horizons and forgets you forever. How do you bring relevant visitors back to your site? You can write or have a web editor write free content that will provide your potential customer with additional information in exchange for their email contact. By offering him an answer to his question today, you get his contact so that he thinks about you regularly. You will be able to send him emails from time to time (but without harassing him), to remind him that you exist. In addition, you will show your expertise and create a relationship of trust while encouraging reciprocity (offering a gift is a good solution to boost sales). To return to the example cited above, the Montessori shop could offer its visitors to receive monthly information on thematic activities (and adapted according to the age of the child). This would help them improve their toddler’s learning or emotional development. Be careful, however, that the proposed content really brings him added value and shows the best of you. Better not to share anything than to post sloppy content. We must also think about optimizing the registration of the Internet user to receive it by applying a few simple practices: arouse curiosity, do not use injunctive terms, and make registration simple. This technique is very effective in improving the conversion rate of e-commerce.

3rd step: encourage prospects to make a purchase and improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce

Did you manage to collect email addresses? All you have to do is “encourage your prospects to come back to your site to make their purchases or simply get information first. If you have launched a campaign to improve your editorial content, you can choose the right words to sell or bring a web editor competent in copywriting by professional ghostwriters. In this last step to improve the conversion rate of e-commerce, I will not talk to you about discounts or vouchers. Is it really worth sacrificing price and increasing your workload to sell, admittedly more, but at a reduced rate? I offer you three web editor tips to boost your sales.

Work or rework the presentation of your company

Many e-commerce site owners believe that the most important thing to make a living on the internet is to offer the right products. They’re not entirely wrong, but the main problem is that tens of thousands of people think the same thing. The Internet user in the purchasing process is drowned in a mass of competing sites. As we saw above, it is essential to capture the right prospect and offer him expertise. Sometimes it’s more than enough to buy, but other times it’s not. It is therefore wise to ask yourself questions about your profile and the presentation of your services. Too many e-shopper profiles are presented in the form of more or less general text and without photos. It is a mistake!

Our Montessori shop owner would benefit from posting a photo of him with his children (or nephews and nieces) and explaining the approach, intentions, and skills that led him to sell educational products. In a presentation, you can use storytelling to touch the emotions of your ideal client in addition to highlighting quality, customer service or respect for the environment approaches.

Regularly publish interesting articles

The web editor that I am can only encourage you to regularly write articles on your site. Interest is double. First, you show Google that you are active on the web and you go up in the SERP. Then, the prospects who follow you always find fresh information to satisfy their natural curiosity (don’t forget to send them an email every month to keep them informed of the articles most appreciated by other Internet users). If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, publishing allows you to capture new prospects and bring them into your sales funnel... I know what you are saying to yourself, it is difficult to constantly find the time, the ideas, and the energy to write and renew yourself. This is why you can choose to be accompanied by a professional copywriter, who will help you improve the conversion rate of e-commerce. Thus, you delegate this time-consuming work to do what you do best: sell.

Writing impactful emails: the sales funnel

I owe a lot of my sales funnel knowledge to Stanislaus Leloir of Marketing Mania (thanks to Lucie for directing me to him!). This successful infopreneur is followed by tens of thousands of Internet users. In his videos, he explains how he automates the sale of his training to earn money without spending 12 hours a day on them. It is possible to transpose its tips into e-commerce. There is software that will allow you to analyze your visitors, segment them and send them targeted content, on the site and by email. It is the latter case that interests us. Writing a chain email is different from writing a newsletter. It is essential to work with copy written content (written in order to sell, to make people want to be read) to ensure an increase in the conversion rate. How? By always applying the same principles: focus on the customer, his fears, his expectations, and your ability to provide him with solutions. The emails must encourage him to come back to your store and offer him added value in the content.

What to remember to improve the conversion rate of an e-commerce

Content marketing or content strategy is not a creation of the web. Talking, arguing, and “selling” has always been closely linked to the trader’s job. Today, the rules have become more complex since you are no longer face to face with the client and can no longer charm him with your voice or your charisma.

You must learn to be: ifovd

  1. visibleby applying SEO rules;
  2. hard-hittingso as not to let the prospect run away;
  3. Convincingso that he does not buy elsewhere.

By working on these 3 steps, you can improve your e-commerce conversion rate and become a successful entrepreneur.

Do not hesitate to contact the Web team to request a quote or additional information or to consult my profile if you liked this article.

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