Here Are the Best Outdoor Spaces in Arlinton, VA

Arlington, Virginia, as a place to call home, has a lot to offer. Arlington boasts a ton of parks, trails, and strollable neighborhoods where you can enjoy the outdoors. The northern region of Arlington is home to expansive parks like Glebe Road Park and Potomac Overlook. Numerous smaller neighborhood parks may be found all around South Arlington and in close proximity to the Wilson Blvd Strip. In addition, Arlington has a ton of dog parks, spray grounds, and trails that are dispersed across the city. One of the most expensive cities in the US is Arlington, Virginia. Arlington’s cost of living is 20% more expensive than the national average. Arlington Real Estate and transportation prices are also higher than in many other U.S. cities. A few of the best outdoor spaces are listed below.

Quincy Park

Quincy Park, one of Arlington’s most popular recreational parks, is located just a few meters from the Virginia Square Metro stop. The lovely park features a playground that is entirely enclosed as well as entertaining events for visitors of all ages. Kids may burn off excess energy while having a fantastic time on the climbing ropes and swings. This 4-acre park has a play structure as well as areas for organized sports, including a basketball court, 6 tennis courts, baseball and softball diamonds, and even a volleyball court made of sand.

Bluemont Park

This 70-acre area has a ton of incredible possibilities for entertaining activities and functions as both a park and a wildlife reserve. Bluemont has facilities for fitness activities and sporting events in addition to a fenced-in playground area for school-aged children. When deciding where to take friends and family for a day of fun, Bluemont Park features a large parking area and public restrooms, which is a significant benefit compared to many other recreational areas. Bluemont Park is a terrific spot for individuals of all ages to get some exercise and fresh air because of the magnificent, nature reserve-like ambiance and big open spaces.

Chestnut Hills Park

In North Arlington’s 4.5-acre park Chestnut Hills, education and recreation are combined to create one awesome experience. Because it contains sections for both younger and older children and is entirely fenced in for maximum peace of mind, this is one of our favorite play sites in Arlington. However, keep in mind that there are no public restrooms or off-street parking available at this location. The shade of Chestnut Hills Park is the best place to spend a hot day as the days grow warmer; visit it now!

Fort Barnard Park

Fort Barnard Park, located in Arlington just north of the Shirlington district, offers visitors to Northern Virginia a very distinctive park-going experience. Numerous play structures are fort-themed, and the covered picnic area has eye-catching mosaic columns. A wonderful dog park and a communal garden that raises fresh fruit for local families in need are also situated next to the park. Fort Barnard Park lacks a fence, unlike some of the other locations on this list, so you might need to exercise additional caution while taking advantage of all that the park has to offer.

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