Few people know how to play head to tail in the South with a 100% chance of winning

The Southern way to play head and tail is most sought after by many lottery players because the method will bring players great rewards. To bet on the southern region is quite simple, everyone just needs to research and study carefully and then give the results. To ensure the most accuracy, please immediately pocket a few playing methods shared by experts as below.
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How to beat the head and tail of the South through lottery numbers –falconbet pt

The first way everyone can apply and choose is to bet through lottery numbers. That means you will determine what number of headlines or endings will come in today. Because, usually, the lottery is the last two numbers of the special prize. The number in front is called the headline, the number behind is the bottom or tail.

For example: Suppose yesterday’s lottery result was 23675, then the winning number is 75. If you predict the number 7, it means you have predicted the correct number. If your prediction is 5, it means you have guessed correctly.

Thus, when betting on Southern numbers, you only need to predict a head or a tail. You can then hit all the tails. You should divide your bets equally and if a number you feel is good, you can bet higher.

How to play head and tail in the South according to double return

The next way to play is to predict double numbers, which means that if you see double numbers or the middle pair of numbers is double, the next day the number may come out double. When this happens, you should follow the threads for about 3 days and they will definitely come out.

For example: yesterday the question was 00487, then the next day or the next day or two the question may appear double 00 or 77 or 88. Therefore, you need to follow closely to be able to catch the correct question. best.

How to calculate the first and last questions according to solution 7

The next way you can choose to play head and tail in the South is to play according to the 7th prize. This method is extremely effective and has been applied by many people and produces accurate results.

With these, you need to pay attention to prize 7 in the lottery results table. This way, you look at the tail of the first 7th prize and the tail of the 4th prize if they overlap. At this time, double play this card for the next day.

For example: For prize 7, the 1st number is 43 and the 4th number of prize 7 is 53, then double play the number 33 as the result for the next day.

Bet on the southern region based on the numbers that appear long ago

If you are someone who likes to participate in lottery games, you probably regularly count the numbers of the day for a long period of time. When doing statistics, pay attention to numbers that appear frequently and numbers that appear very rarely. And to calculate the correct heading, you should rely on the numbers that appear the least often. The less often a number appears, the more you need to pay attention.
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The way to calculate the southern lottery is through the total of the special prize

The way to play the Southern head and tail that many lottery players choose and is recommended by experts New88 That bet is the total calculation of the special prize. This method is not only true for the southern region but also true for the northern and central regions. This calculation means you use the total special prize from the previous day to calculate the next day’s lottery.

Specifically as follows: the previous day’s lottery was 93821, then you need to sum these numbers to mean 9+3+8+2+1 = 23. So the next day you should choose your wish: 23 – 32 to bet. However, with this calculation you need to raise the problem for about 7 days. Surely one day they will return. Note that this way you need to play the entire shadow of that number.

In addition to the methods of hitting the head and tail in the South as mentioned above, you can choose many different methods. Specifically, each individual has their own methods. You can intercept and combine rounds in some tournaments with other tournaments to get the number you need to bet on.

In addition, when playing the lottery, you need to keep yourself in the most stable state of mind. Because perhaps you all know that luck plays a large part in the lottery. No matter how carefully you calculate, you cannot be 100% sure. Therefore, you need to observe carefully and be mentally prepared for a number.

Above are the ways to play head and tail in the South shared by experts. Guaranteed that they will increase your chances of winning.

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