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Efficiency Unleashed: The Power of Dual Conveyor Weight Graders

In the fast-paced world of production lines, efficiency is the key to success. One innovation that has significantly enhanced efficiency in weight grading processes is the dual conveyor weight grader. This technology, exemplified by Easyweigh’s YGW-SJ200F8-2, brings a new level of precision and adaptability to the industry. Let’s delve into why dual conveyor weight graders can enhance working efficiency and explore the exceptional features of the YGW-SJ200F8-2.

Why Dual Conveyor Weight Graders Enhance Efficiency

Simultaneous Grading and Sorting: Dual conveyor weight graders excel in handling multiple tasks simultaneously. With two conveyors running in parallel, products can be fed continuously, allowing for simultaneous grading and sorting. This eliminates bottlenecks in the production line and enhances overall throughput.

Increased Throughput: The dual conveyor setup significantly increases the throughput of the grading process. With products continuously moving through the system, the weight grader can handle a higher volume in a shorter amount of time. This increased throughput directly contributes to enhanced working efficiency.

Adaptability to Diverse Products: Dual conveyor weight graders are highly adaptable to a wide range of products. The dual configuration allows for more versatile sorting options, accommodating diverse product shapes, sizes, and weights. This adaptability makes the system suitable for various industries and product types.

Improved Accuracy and Precision

The dual conveyor setup enhances accuracy by allowing products to be weighed and sorted with precision. The synchronized operation ensures that each product is assessed individually, minimizing errors and providing reliable weight data for sorting purposes.

Introducing Easyweigh’s YGW-SJ200F8-2 Dual Conveyor Weight Grader

Operation: Provided by the leading food inspection equippment supplier, Easyweigh’s YGW-SJ200F8-2 is equipped with a user-friendly 17-inch colored touchscreen, providing an intuitive interface for seamless operation. The touchscreen facilitates easy navigation and configuration, contributing to a user-friendly experience.

Power Supply: Operating on AC220/110V±10% at 50Hz/60Hz, the YGW-SJ200F8-2 is designed for efficiency and compatibility with various power supplies.

Rejector: Featuring a Swing Arm rejector, this weight grader ensures accurate and swift rejection of products that do not meet the specified weight criteria.

Camera: The dual conveyor weight grader is equipped with high-resolution cameras, ranging from 2 to 20 megapixels. These cameras play a crucial role in capturing detailed images for accurate visual inspection.

Control System: The YGW-SJ200F8-2 relies on a Visual Processor control system, combining advanced technology to seamlessly integrate visual inspection and weight sorting capabilities.

Product Preset: The weight grader boasts an extensive product preset capacity, allowing for the storage of up to 9999 product parameters. This ensures flexibility and adaptability for a diverse range of products.


The YGW-SJ200F8-2 Dual Conveyor Weight Grader from Easyweigh embodies the efficiency and precision that modern industries demand. With simultaneous grading and sorting, increased throughput, adaptability to diverse products, improved accuracy, and advanced features such as a Swing Arm rejector and Visual Processor control system, this weight grader sets the standard for efficiency in weight grading processes. Elevate your production line with the power of dual conveyor technology, and choose Easyweigh for an innovative solution that enhances working efficiency and delivers precise weight grading results.

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