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ClearPetra: The Future of Efficient Urinary Stone Treatment

Wellead Medical, a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical devices since 1998, is renowned for their comprehensive range of high-quality products in Urology, Endourology, Anaesthesia, Respiratory, Hemodialysis, Pain management, and Home Care. Among their remarkable offerings is the ClearPetra System, designed to revolutionize urinary stone treatment by ensuring enhanced efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

Unmatched Features of ClearPetra

Clearpetra, developed by Wellead Medical, introduces a breakthrough approach to continuous flow lithotripsy that combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design elements, streamlining the treatment process for urinary stones.

Reduced Intra-luminal Pressure

Wellead Medical clearpetra‘s continuous irrigation and suction mechanism efficiently reduce operational (intra-luminal) pressure within the urinary tract. By doing so, it mitigates the risks associated with surgical procedures, contributing to improved patient safety and quicker recovery.

Minimized Stone Retropulsion

With the utilization of Negative Pressure Aspiration, ClearPetra ensures effective prevention of retrograde stone migration during lithotripsy procedures. Simultaneously, it facilitates the removal of stone fragments, offering a seamless and efficient stone clearance process.

Enhanced Visual Field

ClearPetra’s continuous irrigation and suction features significantly improve the visual field during urinary stone treatments. This innovation reduces bleeding and dust storm effects caused by stone pulverization, enabling surgeons to maintain clear visibility throughout the procedure.

Streamlined Stone Clearance

Utilizing the oblique side port on the ClearPetra Sheath, the system aggregates stone fragments at the distal end, preventing them from scattering. The continuous suction provided by ClearPetra ensures the efficient and effective removal of stone fragments, thereby optimizing stone clearance and improving patient outcomes.

Simplification of Procedures

ClearPetra eliminates the need for additional accessory devices such as stone baskets, forceps, or anti-retropulsion devices. Negative Pressure Aspiration allows for the spontaneous evacuation of stone fragments, simplifying the procedure and resulting in time-saving benefits for healthcare practitioners.

Wellead Medical

Empowering Healthcare Providers Wellead Medical has long been committed to pioneering new technologies and solutions that revolutionize the healthcare industry. By introducing the ClearPetra System, they have provided healthcare practitioners with a user-friendly and efficient tool that standardizes business processes, reduces costs, and improves overall efficiency.


ClearPetra, developed by Wellead Medical, represents the future of efficient urinary stone treatment. With its advanced features, including reduced intra-luminal pressure, prevention of stone retropulsion, enhanced visual field, streamlined stone clearance, and simplified procedures, ClearPetra offers significant advantages for healthcare practitioners and patients alike. Wellead Medical’s dedication to innovation and commitment to empowering healthcare providers make them a trusted brand in the medical device industry.

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